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This is a twelve-month full-time MPhil programme offered by the Computational and Biological Learning Group, the Speech Group, and the Computer Vision and Robotics Group in the Cambridge University Department of Engineering, with a unique, joint emphasis on both machine learning and on speech and language technology. The course aims: to teach the state of the art in machine learning, speech and language processing; to give students the skills and expertise necessary to take leading roles in industry; to equip students with the research skills necessary for doctoral study.

By the end of the programme, students will have acquired:
  • a knowledge of the fundamental techniques in machine learning and how to apply these techniques to a range of practical problems;
  • a deep understanding of the fundamental problems in speech and language processing and the technologies that form the current state-of-the art;
  • a comprehensive understanding of techniques, and a thorough knowledge of the literature, applicable to the area of their chosen research topic;
  • presentation skills through presenting their research in progress;
  • the methodological and other technical skills necessary for research in their chosen area;
  • the ability to critically assess the technical literature in machine learning and speech and language processing and related topics;
  • directly marketable skills in computing, speech and language processing, machine learning, and the data sciences;
  • collaborative skills through working with other students on the practical exercises and with PhD students and Research Assistants while carrying out their research project;
  • experience in large-scale computing for machine learning and speech and language processing.

Graduates of this programme will be strong candidates for PhD studies in Engineering at Cambridge and other universities. Employment prospects are also extremely good for students who plan to go directly into industry. The course will impart directly employable skills and expertise which are in great demand in the IT, financial, and manufacturing sectors.

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