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MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence

The goal of the field of Machine Intelligence is to develop systems that can perceive the world, plan and make decisions, interact with humans and other intelligent agents, and provide explanations for their actions. Machine Learning provides many of the technical tools used to develop intelligent systems. This field overlaps with statistics and computer science.

The MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence is an eleven month full-time programme offered by the Machine Learning Group, the Speech Group, and the Computer Vision and Robotics Group in the Cambridge University Department of Engineering.  The course aims to teach the state-of-the-art in machine learning, speech and language processing, and computer vision; to give students the skills and expertise necessary to take leading roles in industry and to equip them with the research skills necessary for doctoral study at Cambridge and other universities. Employment prospects are also extremely good for students who plan to go directly into industry. The course will impart directly employable skills and expertise which are in great demand in the IT, financial, and manufacturing sectors.